Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Self Diagnosis

Ya know how some people are freckly, and some people just aren't? Well I'm one of the many that are blessed with "angel kisses" (as my mom used to call them). And as I've gotten older some are bigger than others - some resemble moles more than freckles.

too disgusting? Sorry - I have a point

For the past few years I've become very aware of my freckles and moles and I watch them constantly to make sure they aren't changing shape or color. Well that obviously leads to a paranoid state.

I've sent several of my friends over the past few years to the dermatologist because I was convinced they had skin cancer - so far none of them have. :) What can I say? I'm just looking out for my friends!

All of this rambling leads me to this point. Even though I've sent countless friends running to the doctor, I myself have never been to have any "suspicious" moles checked out. But I've had this one on my stomach that I've been watching for awhile, and after telling my dad about it - (he's a doctor) I've decided to go have to removed and looked at.

I'm not scared or anything - it's probably me just over reacting, but I will sleep better at night when I know for sure it's nothing.


Randall said...

I am now the biggest advocate of getting your skin checked - I have lots of freckles too and there was this one on my stomach I just didn't like. Turns out it was pre-cancerous and I had it moved in May (16 stiches!).

I know have a pretty hefty scar but I hate to imagine what may have happened if I didn't listen to my gut and have them biopsy it. Trust yourself, you know what looks right and what doesn't. Always good to be proactive with these kind of things!

Rae said...

I'm so glad to hear you are going! I don't have lots of, I just have ugly moles everywhere. Ick. I've had about 12 removed and thankfully all has been well. I go once a year to the dermatologist. Definitely good prevention!!!

Good luck!

N.M.B. said...

I have one over by my left ear that I've wanted to get removed for years. I've had them checked, they're all okay, but this one bugs me to no end and I'm rather self conscious about it. Please let me know how it goes after you have it removed. I'm scared to death to go though with it.