Friday, February 22, 2008


I've been looking forward to this weekend for a few weeks now. Tomorrow is the big Memphis vs. Tennessee basketball game. Memphis is #1 and UT is #2. If that weren't reason enough for this to be a big game, it's huge here in Memphis because U of M considers UT to be a huge rival. Whether UT feels that way or not, I do not know - but I have a hunch they don't really care. I'm not really looking forward to the game per-say because we don't have tickets and I really just don't care about basketball. But my bf is a HUGE (and when I say HUGE, I mean HUGE) UT fan. He has a group of friends coming in town for the game. None of them have tickets - and since the going price is an average of $1000 (some WAY more than that) I don't think any of the guys are actually going to be AT the game. But we will be downtown all day enjoying the festivities and then finding a nice cozy (probably loud) place to watch the game. I will be proudly sporting my Tiger Blue while the rest of the crew will be in their obnoxious orange. You tell me who will be the more fashionable of the group?
Tonight we're heading down to Tunica. I will be playing it safe at the penny and nickel slots. If I get really adventurous I might moozy over to the quarter slots, but that's about as wild as I get! I'm sure this weekend will be fun and exhausting weekend! I'll let ya know how it all went, on Monday!

Have a great weekend kiddos!

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