Thursday, February 14, 2008

Great friends, good times

This past weekend the bf and I headed down to Jackson, Miss. My best friend from college and her husband (L &L) live down there and I hadn't seen them since back in September. We left Saturday morning and got to my friends house around lunch. It only takes about 3 hours to get there, and it's straight down the interstate so it isn't a bad drive. We had lunch (taco soup, my favorite!) then went shopping in Madison at one my all time favorite stores. My friend's husband coaches baseball for one of the local high schools so we went and watched one of his games. I haven't been to a high school baseball game in probably 8 years - gosh, I remember thinking the guys out there were so old, mature, and just great athletes. Funny how your perception changes as you get older. Anyway, that night we just relaxed, had dinner, and enjoyed visiting. It was such a treat to get to spend some quality time with them.

Sunday after church we all had lunch with my Aunt and Uncle - they go to the same church as my friends. I love them so much and miss not getting to see them more - but at least L & L get to see them a good bit! But it was after church when the bf was in for a special treat! haha... I took him to Clinton so he could see Mississippi College. I went there for a few years before moving to Memphis so he's heard me talk about it from time to time..... and he has a good friend that is originally from Clinton and always mentions the "golden boob." He is referring to the coliseum which looks more like Epcot to me, but whatever. The tour lasted all of 10 mins, but I'm sure he loved it.... maybe.

The trip was short, but oh so sweet. It's easy to forget how much someone means to you when you don't seem them on a regular basis - but that girl means the world to me!

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