Thursday, March 20, 2008

heading down south

We're coming up on Easter weekend. You know what that means? LONG WEEKEND! Hallelujah. I get Good Friday off from work so Ben and I are going down to my parent's house in Jackson, Al. I haven't been home since Christmas so I'm excited about seeing everyone. Ben has never had the pleasure of going to the awesomeness that is Jackson - but he is so excited he can't wait! We have quite the little busy schedule. Between all the site seeing that is to be done and world renowned shopping.... we're gonna be busy.

Places to see/Things to do:
1. eat at Ed's (or "The Drive-in")
2. Dirt Cheap - enough said
3. go see "the big pool". We won't get to swim because it obviously isn't warm enough, but we can still look.
4. watch my little sisters play in their softball tournament
5. go fishing at dad's lake and have a fish fry
6. visit friends
7. did I mention Dirt Cheap?
8. take a golf cart ride around the Farm
9. ride horses (if there is time)
10. church on Easter morning

That may be all we have time for, but ya never know! I will tell you all about our trip when I get back. Hopefully we will have a very uneventful trip down there, but if you know my driving record.... one can never be sure!

Happy Easter!

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