Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tugging at the heart strings...

Every year about this time one of the radio stations in Memphis does a St. Jude radio-thon.... and it gets me every year! St. Jude is such a wonderful organization and we are so fortunate to have it here in Memphis. They are obviously a non-profit organization and they run strictly off donations. Patients (children w/ cancer) are able to come to St. Jude COMPLETELY FREE and get treated with top cancer treatments in the world. They even provide a place for the parents and families of the patients to stay.

Anyway, during this radio-thon they have these sappy songs playing and in the middle of the songs they have parents that are telling their stories about their children that are at St. Jude or have passed away from this horrible disease. They have children that are patients there now calling in and telling their stories. I've been listening to it all day at work and have been crying most of the day! They are asking people to become a "Partner in Hope" with St. Jude. In order to be a Partner in Hope you only have to commit to giving $20.00 a month. I've been a partner in hope for the past few years and it's money I never miss! If you're interested in becoming a Partner (which I STRONGLY suggest!) call 1-888-278-HOPE. If you want to listen in you can listen online at You have to call by 7:00 tomorrow night!

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