Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow? Maybe? Probably not

Oh oh! It might snow! I'm sitting here at work, checking the radar and hour-by-hour updates to see when it might get here..... The weather man is such a tease and got my hopes up last night that today might be a short day at work. "SNOW BY 11:00" he said. Not true. Well, there were a few flurries but nothing good enough to send us home early. My prediction is that it will be snowing a good, steady snow by 4:00. I haven't decided whether or not I think it's gonna stick. But I'm being skeptical and saying no.

The weather has been NUTS this week! This past weekend I was wearing short-sleeves and loving being outdoors. Tuesday we had snow flurries, Wednesday and Thursday it was back into the 60's... and now they are calling for snow again! Crazy!

Well, they are letting us leave early today "just to be on the safe side." I'm crossing my fingers for snow!

Have a great weekend!

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