Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little happy dance

The weekend at the parents went great! Ben and I got into town around 10:30 last Thursday night, spent some time talking to my mom then headed off to bed. Friday was jam packed with activities. If you know my family, you know we do not sit down. There is no such thing as "lay around and watch tv together." Abby, Kelli (my little sisters) and I took Ben on a golf ride around the farm, then we hopped in the car and toured Jackson..... 15 mins later we were done. :) I'm just kidding. I got to show him the house I grew up in and the neighborhood that has so many awesome memories, then we went down to "the big pool" and played on the playground. The pool didn't have any water in it so we just looked at the rocks on the bottom. haha . We enjoyed lunch at Ed's (or The Drive-In) - gotta get that cherry coke in! - then went on a shopping extravaganza to Dirt Cheap! We watched the little girls play in their softball tournament and went and hung out with Ashley and Misty. Saturday we were up bright and early to do some fishing, then spent the rest of the afternoon watching more softball. Easter morning was a bit chaotic, but what day isn't at the Crosby house? Dad had us up for a walk at 9:00am, then we all rushed and got dressed for church. In typical Crosby fashion, we were late... and late is the one thing you do not want to be on Easter Sunday! We were looking for a place to sit and the usher said "Um, I think the 3rd row up front in the very middle is empty." so we all (6) marched up right in the middle of church and took our seats as everyone looked at us and smiled/laughed. After Easter lunch we took the little girls easter eggs that they had dyed and played "egg schmear." Rather than hiding the eggs and looking for them, we hit them with a baseball bat. We ended the day/trip with a rousing game of family softball. With only 3 gloves and 7 people, it wasn't quite the exciting/action packed game that you might think it was, but we had a great time non-the less. So overall I give the trip an A+!

As far as other areas of my life.... thinks are looking great! I have an awesome opportunity that could be happening for me in the next few weeks. I can't say much about it right now, but I will be keeping you posted. I am however, very excited about it!



becky said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun! and whatever you are hoping for, i hope it happens! :)

Jasikevičius said...

you are red