Thursday, July 31, 2008

If only this whole car thing was as easy as I made it seem below. This week has been a week of excitement, fear, anger, tears (of joy and saddness)..... but this whole ordeal has just about come to an end.

I'm leaving in about an hour to head to Cleveland, OH for my dear friend Sarah's wedding. But when I get back I will fill you in on all the headache that has been my week. Until then.... have a great weekend!

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering..... yes, I will be making the drip in my new(to me) Acura MDX. Super excited!!!!


Randall said...

Sunds fabulous - have a safe trip in your snazzy new car!

becky said...


Jenna said...

Hey girl, I hope you have a FUN trip!!!

Rae said...

I love the Acura MDX...unfortunately for me I had to settle for the Honday Odyssey! Not quite as fun as the MDX!!

Have a fabulous trip!