Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh happy day!

I think I've got a car! I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow to have them do a once over on it, then if they say it's clear of problems I will be signing on the dotted line. ohhh I'm giddy :)


Rae said...

Yay! Good luck...I hope everything falls into place!!

Sarah Amelia said...

Yey! I am so excited for you!! Can't wait to see you and Ben!!!!

Randall said...

That's exciting! What are you getting?

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Oooh, congrats! I love that new car smell :)
I am praying my little 2000 Ford Focus keeps on chugging (I have put some miles on that baby!).
Be sure to give us an update.