Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's Memphis... what do you expect?

I know I've promised a post about my beach trip, and I promise it is coming. But today's events far outweigh the beach - at least in my mind they do.

6:20am: I wake up and think " UUGGHHH Why can't it be Saturday?! I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO WORK!"

8:00am: Sitting at work, frustrated because I'm not sure where to go or what to do

9:00am: In co-workers office telling her about my frustration and having a mini-cry fest. (Yes, I was a major girl and shed a few tears at work. It was totally private and in the office of one of my really good friends. She gets it - it's ok)

9:20am: Leave the office to go do some cold calling and hopefully secure some new clients

9:40am: Pull into parking lot at a church and walk around trying to find the office

9:45am: Walk back to my car and find this.......

Oh yes, that's right.... in a 5 minute period someone busted out the window in my car and stole my laptop bag. Thankfully nothing was in the bag except a bunch of brochures and other papers, but UGH! Since I had already had the mini-cry fest earlier, seeing my window shattered was all it took for the waterfall of tears to come gushing down my face. Ben's cell was dead, so I called my friend Tiggle and got him to look up police numbers for me. I spent 2 hours at the church with the police and minister looking at surveillance videos and finger printing my car. The janitor at the church was so nice and vacuumed out my car and wiped everything down. I feel like I should bake him a cake or something, but he probably thinks I'm a freak since I was bubblering like a little girl so it might be safer to just send a Thank You note.

Oh, and when I called my manager to tell him what had happened and how I'd probably be spending the rest of my afternoon getting a new window, and chasing down police reports - he said "not a problem. take your time." But my friend at work called me and said he told her "do you think she is just making that up to get out of cold calling" THE NERVE! He obviously knows we are really good friends, so why would he say that to her unless he wanted her to tell me? People are just so rude.

But I'm so over this day. I'm at home now, catching up on reading all my blogs (my reader had 167 unread posts.) and making a caramel pie. I deserve it after today right?


Jennifer said...

Girl, I have had those days! Busted car window and all. Enjoy your caramel pie - you deserve to indulge after a day like today!

Adam Lunceford said...

wtf?? caramel pie?!?!?!

yumm.. sorry bout your car.

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Bless your heart! I am so sorry to hear about your car. I'm also sorry your manager was a jerk about it!
Hope you enjoy the pie!

Rae said...

You poor thing! Not only did you have the right to turn on the water works but you definitely deserve the WHOLE caramel pie!!! And btw, what is a caramel pie? It sounds divine!!

Lauren said...

I am so sorry that happened. I hope things start to look up.

Denim & Pearls said...

I just came across your blog from Little Southern Sister and I can completely relate - my car window was smashed and my GPS stolen right in front of my office!! I hope you got everything repaired and that your day got better!

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