Wednesday, June 18, 2008

pictures as promised

Here are the pictures of Ben's house once we got it painted. Please keep in mind that these pictures turned out HORRIBLE! I'm not sure if a setting got changed on my camera, or what happened, but I don't think these pictures give a great impression of what the house looks like. Oh well.... here goes nothing. I'll take more pictures once everything is in and set up.

This is the Den/Dining Room before any painting has been done

Kitchen - notice the mess!

The sample painting. This is when I freaked out about the colors

A little closer view

The finished product. These pictures didn't turn out too good. Sorry... but you get a general idea.

What do you think?


becky said...

I love it, but you already knew that! :)

Randall said...

Oooo.... I really like it too! Good painting work!

Jennifer said...

I love the colors! Colorful, modern and so pretty! Great job!

Megan said...

Great Colors

Rae said...

I love, love, LOVE the colors! Maybe you've already said and I missed it, but what brand and what are the color names? Great job!!

Insight, Insanity, Imagination said...

Thanks girls! I've grown to love the colors!

Rae: It is Glidden Paint, and the colors are "Punk Rock" (green) and "ship shape" (blue)

Stephanie said...

I know I would have flipped out at those colors at first as well, but they turned out beautiful!