Monday, June 02, 2008

Kid's These Days

Oh man oh man do I have a story to tell you! As I mentioned the other day, I was house sitting for my aunt all last week. Well when I came home from work on Thursday I noticed some things that were a bit odd. Things such as the deadbolt on the door being locked when I had only locked the doorknob, the guest bedroom light on, the computer on, the dog's gate about to fall over, and a FedEx package sitting on the table that had not been there that morning. I didn't get too worried about it all because my parents had stayed there with me the night before when they were passing through town. They left after I did that morning, so I just thought maybe they had left everything like that. But when I came home on Friday and noticed that the door was again locked wrong, the light that I made SURE was turned off was on again, and the computer was on again.... even thought I made 100% sure that it was off before I left for work.... oh, and there were rice krispy wrappers in the trash can. I do not eat rice krispy treats. I figured that it was probably some of the neighborhood kids that play with my cousins, and didn't get to worried about it. I just took the spare key and moved it to a new location. Ben came over there later that afternoon and I was telling him about it. We decided to check the history on the computers and that is when it got good! The history on both computers was full of CARTOON PORN! Did you even know such a thing existed? I DIDN'T! We clicked on one of the sights out of curiosity, and holy moly it's gross.

I wasn't sure how we were gonna figure out who the culprit was because there are quite a few little boys in the neighborhood that play with my cousin. But these kids aren't very bright I tell ya! One of my cousins that lives in Mississippi came up for the weekend with her friend, and she called me around 11:00am on Saturday and said "I think I know who it is." Apparently this kid came over to the house once he saw my car was gone and was trying to get back in the house. He also tried to get into my aunt's car, and then into their garage. Does he feel comfortable over there or what?! A little later in the day he came back and tried to get in the house again. At this point one of my other aunt's was there and she asked him what he needed. He fumbled for words and said "Mrs. H (my aunt) said I could come over and feed Daisy if no one was here." LIE! LIE! LIE!

The aunt I was house sitting for and her family came back in town yesterday so I was telling her about it. She was flabbergasted.... obviously. Ben and I went and printed all the history off the computers and gave it to her. Apparently the little boy (going into 6th grade) came over on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. He was a busy kid! My aunt took the papers over to his parents and told them about it all. They were shocked that he came into their house, but was not at all surprised about the content he was looking at. Apparently this has been an ongoing issue for them for some time now.

I loved Ben's comment when we figured all this out. "Dang, this kid didn't know he was messing with some Gen-Xers did he?"

Cartoon Porn? I'm still amazed that exists!

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