Friday, May 30, 2008

It's hot! (and a hodge podge of other stuff)

Finally it's starting to feel like summer! Ha-la-lu-jah! The high is 91 today and I think that is just great. Now give me a few weeks and I'll be wishing for the 70's again, but right now I'm loving it. This kind of weather gives me a great excuse to wear a dress to work everyday and not have people commenting on why I'm "so dressed up." I can wear a suit and no one says a word, but throw on a dress and oh buddy - I'm dressed up. ( I guess that's what happens when you work with a bunch of men, huh?)

For those of you who are concerned, last night was the season finale to LOST. Oh, I'm sad. What am I going to do with my Thursday nights now?! I don't wanna say too much about the show in case any of you are LOST junkies, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. But it was good! Answered a lot of questions, but in typical LOST style it left a lot too. I guess we'll just have to wait till next year to get the answers! (or the next the way this show goes)

I've been house/pet sitting for my aunt and her family this week. They are in Disney World celebrating the end of my uncle's chemotherapy and other cancer treatments! Whoo hoo! But since they are gone they have left me to tend to their super crazy/tons of personality little dachshund named Daisy, their irritable/mean/extremely huge cat - cowboy, and their gecko lizard. I don't think the lizard has a name. The cat is easy - feed it twice a day and stay away from it. The dog is pretty easy. She likes a lot of attention so she's kinda always around, and she sleeps in the bed with me too. I'm not really crazy about that but I can deal for a few days. And the Lizard would be a piece of cake if I didn't have to feed it WORMS! They are just these little mealworms, and they are stored in the fridge so they are cold and don't move.... but still. YUCK.

Oh, and the other day I took Daisy over to Ben's for a little while. She is usually really good with people. She might bark a little when she first meets someone, but then she is their best friend. But this time it was a little different. Daisy and Ben have met several times so that was no big deal, but she did not like Ben's roommate for some reason. She barked at him everytime he moved, and she stuck by my side w/ her tail between her legs most of the time.... or so I thought. It wasn't until roommate got up and went into this bedroom that I realized Daisy had not been sitting beside me the whole time. I heard him say "Um Mindy, can you please come clean Daisy's mess up out of my room" UH OH! Ben and I go running in there to find a big ole pile of POOP on his bed! Disgusting. We cleaned it up best we could then threw his comforter into the wash. I felt so bad. I wonder if she knew that was his room? haha. Daisy and I went back home shortly after that.

Well kiddos. This weekend should be goodtimes. Italian Fest tonight, then a Bachelorette party tomorrow night. Things might get CRAZY! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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