Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Birthday and basketball

As most of you are probably aware, my Memphis Tigers didn't pull out a win last night against Kansas in the National Championship game. I was disappointed in the lost, but besides a few mistakes here and there, I think the Tigers played one heck of a game! They were winning by 3 points with 10 seconds left in the game when Kansas came and tied it up. That, of course, sent it into overtime and the Tigers just couldn't hold it together after that. Not only would a National Title been incredible for Memphis to have, but it would have been great for this city. Well, there's always next year boys! (I say that like they read this.... ha)

Besides a disappointing loss from the Tigers, yesterday was a great day. It was my birthday! Thanks so much for all of you that called, sent cards, emails or wrote on my facebook wall. That really meant a lot and made the day very special. My wonderful boyfriend took me out to dinner last night, then for dessert - yes I splurged and had a piece of delicious ooey-gooey-caramel pie. (Thanks to Caroline I have been dreaming about it for months.) We ended the night at a friends watching the game, then back to Ben's to open gifts. I don't feel any older, but I never do on birthdays. I am excited that my insurance goes down now! whoo hoo!

Now it's back to the grind.... have a great Tuesday!

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becky said...

Yay! I'm glad that you had a fabulous bday! <3