Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Movin' on up and the bridesmaid dress nightmare!

It's official! I have a new job! Yeah! I had been interviewing for new jobs at other companies, but last week my boss came to me and said they'd like to give me a promotion! What? Yea! I love this company and the ppl I work with (well, most of them), I just hated that actual job that I did here. So starting in the near future I will be an Account Executive for Mid-South Digital. aka - I'm gonna be selling copy machines. Glamorous? I think not.... but I'm excited non-the - less.

In other news - I got my bridesmaid dress for my friends wedding yesterday. It's beautiful, but HUGE. When I ordered the dress and they suggested I order a size that is 5 sizes bigger than I normally wear, I told them that was a horrible idea. But did they listen? Nope! I've got a good 2-3 inches of extra fabric at the waist, and the bust? Well, let's just say I'd have to be 44FFFFF to fill that up! I can take the dress on and off w/out even unzipping it! The thing that makes me most mad about this is that I had to pay an extra $30.00 to get in a "plus size." I'm aware that I'm not a tiny girl, but I have never in my life been a plus size. And if they had ordered it 2 sizes smaller - like I strongly suggested - I would have not had to pay this and it would actually fit! So now not only have I paid $30.00 for "plus size", I now am going to have to pay about $40.00 to have it cut back down to a smaller size. Are you keeping track here? That's $70.00 I could have saved if they had just ordered what I asked them to. UGH! I hate, hate, hate the wedding industry! I have a call out for the owner of the store to plead my case and ask they they cover the cost of the alterations. That's fair, right? deeeeeepp breaths, nice and slow


becky said...

i've always hated that too. for rach's wedding we all had to get adjustments made.... and i was mad b/c they made me pay extra too, only to have a lot cut out as well. i almost think it's a way to keep alteration places in business. hah.

otherwise i am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Amelia said...

YEY PROMOTION!! Booooo All About Weddings. But, you will look stunning on August 2nd!

I am so happy for your job! Go Mindy!