Thursday, April 10, 2008

I smell summer!

Can you feel it? Summer is almost here! Yay! Summer is pretty much my favorite season of all. I love spring and fall too (not such a fan of winter), but summer just gets me. It is full of some of the best memories of my life: Camping trips, spending endless hours and days at "the big pool", soaking up the sun at the beach, staying out playing with friends from sun up to sun down.... Willie's sno-cones (man I miss those!), playing in the creek behind our house, riding 4-wheelers down to rag-cliff, I could go on and on.

Summer is different now that I'm in this adult world. I still have to get up everyday and go to work, but I just feel different. There is an excitement about summer that just never seems to go away. The warm air leaves me longing for a bathing suit, a cold pool, and a good book on the weekends. It makes me anxious to be sitting on a patio with friends drinking margarita's late into the night, or just simply grilling out. Oh, and baseball season - how could I forget that summer means Redbirds games! I can't wait to take a blanket out to the bluff, put on my big sunglasses and just watch a game and relax. I can't help but smile just thinking about it! As soon as summer starts rolling in, the trips and extravaganzas begin to be planned...and boy oh boy is my summer calendar being to get packed. But I'm ok with that - I'm excited.

Three cheers for summer!

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