Wednesday, April 23, 2008

decisions, decisions

I love how it always happens....when right when you think you know what you want - a new option is presented and it throws you for a loop. The thing that you were 100% positive about, you're now 50% positive. UGH! I hate making decisions like this! It's times these that I wish I were 10 years old again. My parents listened to my opinion about something, then made the decision for me. WHY OH WHY can't it be like that again? I know, I know. I'm an adult now and I have to make these decisions on my own. But that freaking stinks so bad! (that was a mature statement, huh?).

I know I'm being so vague and I am very sorry - but at this time vagueness is good. I only have a few days to make this decision so I'll be able to divulge more info by, hopefully, Monday.

On another note - we're back out for another house hunt tonight. Since the other house didn't work out Ben is having to find something else. I'm ready for this process to be over! Say a little prayer that tonight is the night that he finds his house! That would make me and a very happy girl!!

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