Wednesday, April 16, 2008

POST-IT'S, Post - It's, post-it's

Are you one of those people that rely heavily on post-it's? I am! At any given moment throughout the day my desk is covered w/ Pink, Green, Yellow, or Purple Post-it's. Sometimes, when my handy-dandy Pop-Up Post-It holder has run out, I have to resort to the freebies given to me by some dealer that has stopped by the office. While these work just as well, I don't seem to appreciate them quite as much. Sure they have nice little message about Value, Mission, and Vision on them.... but they aren't the vibrant florescent color that catches your eye and makes you say "Oh yes, I must remember to call Susan at 2:00p today."

I even love the little mini post-it's. I guess they are called "Post- it Flags" - you know what I'm talking about. The little tabs you can stick to papers to flag something. Yep, love 'em!

Anyway, the point of all this was to tell you about the really fun site I found while browsing around this morning. It's called KnockKnock. It's full of fun and unusual things, but what caught my eye are the quite humorous post-it pads they have. How great would it be if could fill out one of these and pass it along to your mom, friend, boss, or significant other? I'm sure Ben's life would be so much better if I just filled one of these out for him on a regular basis:

But what would make my life better is if he would fill one of these out for me when he gets home from work.... ya never know what mood that boy is gonna be in :)

Go check it out for yourself - there is some great stuff on that site!

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