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Have you ever been so excited about something, only to have the outcome not go the way you had hoped or planed? Of course you have, we are all human. I am living that right now. My friend Becky and I decided a few months ago that we wanted to do the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco this October. This is a huge marathon, and it fills up so fast every year. Last year it filled up (20,ooo women!) within 3 hours of them opening registration. We knew we'd be taking a chance by trying to get in this year but we went for it anyway. Since the registration closed so quickly last year they decided to do a random drawing to select the participants this year. What makes this marathon so special? Well, this is what Runner's World had to say about it:

This marathon has special touches galore--most geared toward the 95 percent of runners who are women, including a "coat check" to drop your warmups at 2.5 miles; a "pedi-care" station for blister treatment or a change of socks; a Ghirardelli chocolate stop; and a Tiffany's necklace given to you at the finish by a fireman dressed in a tux.

ROUTE: The course takes you past so many scenic areas that many runners carry cameras. From Union Square, you run through the Financial District and Fisherman's Wharf; along the bay with unobstructed views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge; up into the eucalyptus and cypress forests of Presidio National Park; five miles apiece in Golden Gate Park, along Ocean Beach, and around Lake Merced; and finish on the ocean. The city's steep, cable-car hills are avoided, but three hefty climbs at miles six, eight, and 11 mean you should run to have a good time, not to run one.

ENTERTAINMENT: There are 39 stations with live music, DJs, and cheering squads, plus two more bands at the finish.

SPECTATORS: Some wait at the finish, which is near miles 11 and 16. Others take free shuttle buses to two of the four cheer stations, where comedians keep them in good cheer.

Fourteen fluid stations and seven food stations with Luna Bars, Luna Sport Moons Energy Chews, bananas, granola, or chocolate. Postrace spread features Bear Naked granola with yogurt and bananas, and to wash it down, Jamba Juice smoothies.

Technical T-shirt, loaded goody bag, plus the
Tiffany's version of a finishers' medal. The Nike Expotique also offers massages, manicures, and yoga classes.

Nike athletes give expo talks; 2007 speakers included Joan Benoit Samuelson (who also led a pace team) and Brandi Chastain.

Men are outnumbered by women, 20-to-1, but they are welcome to participate, which gives them a rare shot of a great placing in the men's division.

So if the Tiffany's Necklace as your finishers medal isn't enough to get you excited, they have plenty of other great elements and sights to get one excited.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog......
They opened registration on March 4th and it was open until March 18th. They had 30,000+ enter and there were only enough spots for 20,000. Our odds seemed pretty good, so we were excited. The drawing took place on April 1st. Becky and I waited and waited on our "CONGRATULATIONS!" email, but it never came. Later on in the afternoon Becky sent me a link on the nike website where you could check your status. I entered my name and waited with held breath..."not selected." *sigh* Becky got the same response.

Our only other option is to go through Team in Training (which is actually how Becky and I met). Anyone can do Nike if they go through TNT but the only thing is that you have to raise $4000.00. The money does go to a great cause, but I've been there and done that w/ the money raising thing and it was very difficult! The other option is for me to coach for Team in Training again. I did this last fall and I really enjoyed it, but of course there is a catch.... As a coach you typically have to go to one of the events you coach for, and the event I would have to go to is the Marine Marathon in Washington D.C. So what? you ask... well the Marine Marathon is the VERY NEXT weekend after Nike. And I physically don't know that I can do that. So as of right now we don't know what we're going to do.....

I'll keep ya posted!

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