Saturday, May 10, 2008

The girl downstairs

I rarely write on the weekends, so you all are in for a treat! Something just struck me when I was walking into Ben's apt and I obviously had to write about it - I mean, obviously, right?

Ok, so Ben lives in an apt complex and he lives on the second floor. There is this girl that lives below him who seems to be late 20's MAYBE early 30's. She is hardly ever home, maybe two or three times a month I see her car out in the parking lot (it's a really small parking lot), but the weird thing is that there is always some random older guys - I'm talking 40-55yrs old - there. They all seem to have keys, because unlock the door and go in. The first time I saw her w/ one of these guys I thought maybe it was her dad, or maybe she was dating an older guy. I don't have a problem w/ her being with an older guy, but why are there so many different guys coming and going? and sometimes (most of the time) when she's not even there.

It's just odd....

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