Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh my achin' feet

Yes, they hurt. I went out on my first day of cold calling w/ one of the other sales ladies today. We'll call her LC. She's a nice woman - smokes like a chimney in her car all day. But hey, it's her car - right? We made 70 cold calls from 9:00 - 2:00 w/ an hour lunch break in the middle there. I kept waiting on the dreaded B**** that we were supposed to run into, the one who was gonna cuss us out for walking into her building and throw us out, but it never happened. What a shame. Maybe tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I will be out again with another sales rep making calls. RS and I will be hitting up north Mississippi - yes siree!

Ok, onto other matters in my life. The Bridesmaids dress dilemma has been solved for the moment. Ben and I went by the dress shop on Saturday, and rather than being angry about it, I found a sympathetic ear who was willing to hear my sob story. She asked me try it on so she could see "if it's too big." When I walked out of the dressing room her jaw about hit the floor. She said "ok. let me get the owner. One moment." Long story short, the owner came out and agreed that the dress was too big and agreed to foot the bill for the alterations. Thank you. That's all I wanted.

The house buying process is still moving forward. Ben has an inspector coming out on Thursday to look and see if there are any problems. Since the house is only 2 years old I don't see that happening, but ya never know I guess.

And yesterday at Target I got the cutest dress!

Well it's a lot cuter in person...not as retro. I'm thinking about wearing it on the plane when we go up to D.C. next week to visit Ben's parents and my brother. I want to get a little cardigan to go over it. And I'm prob gonna get these shoes to go with it. **the brown ones like this, not red**

OK, now that I'm looking at that picture more - that dress is kinda funky looking. I promise it's not that bad in real life! Yikes!

Tonight I'm going to see Made of Honor - I'm super excited. Patrick Dempsey is a sexy, sexy man. I'll let ya know how it is!

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