Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sorry I've been absent the past few days, this sales job is kickin my butt! But in a great way - I'm loving it. I'm exhausted when I get home everyday and my feet are killing me, but I feel like I've actually accomplished something. I'm going to have to invest in some better shoes though - mine aren't cutting it!

Not only has this week been busy with work, but my nights have been busy as well. Monday night I babysat for some friends of mine, Tuesday went to see Made of Honor (ohhhhh how hot McDreamy is!), and last night I went out with Ben and some of his friends for a "FLOF meeting." FLOF is this stupid, made up group that he and all his friends at work made up. They call themselves "Future Leaders of FedEx" - it's so dumb.

This weekend is BBQ fest. It's apart of the Memphis and May festivities, and it's usually way better than Music Fest. Heck, it's gotta be! Anything is! ha. We are going with our friends H&JJ. Their parents have a tent down there, so they invited us to join. It should be a good time.

I know this is the most boring post ever - I'm just so out of it right now. I'm gonna just lay on the couch and chill out. Thank goodness it's Thursday! That means it's time for LOST and Grey's Anatomy! Woot!

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