Monday, May 05, 2008

Music Fest ..... not so festive

I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend: Never go back to Music Festival again!

Let me give you a quick rundown of the weekend. As I mentioned on Friday, my friend Jessie came in town this weekend. I LOVE being with her. When she walks in the door, we pick right back up where we left off. It's always been this way with her, and I know it always will be. There are so few people that it's like that with so I cherish our friendship so much. Anyway - didn't mean to get off on that tangent. Jessie got in town about 1:30am Saturday morning. The weather was horrendous so it took her a good bit longer than it should have. Saturday we got up and went for a walk - I showed her around my neighborhood and we just spend the morning catching up and of course, laughing. Later that day everyone met at Ben's around 3:00 to head down to Music Fest. We rode the Trolley down, which was a lot of fun, then met up with some friends at Silky O'Sullivan's for a little while before FINALLY heading down to the river. After everyone got their tickets and we waited in line to get in - we finally got into the park around 6:00pm. We left the park at 8:00pm if that gives you any indication of how bad it was. We spent those 2 hours trying to decide what everyone wanted to do (a group of 13-15 is just waaaay to many for a crowd that size), standing in line for the bathroom, standing in line for food, and looking for people that had wandered off for various reasons and couldn't find our group again. There were more drunk/completely wasted high school kids than I have ever seen in my life, lots of people smoking pot, and mud, mud, mud! Gross! The straw that finally broke the camels back for me was when a group of (wasted) 16 year olds got on top of these guys shoulders, with their butts RIGHT IN MY FACE, and started bouncing up and down. Hitting us in the head with their rear-ends that were hanging out of their shorts and dresses. They were flashing their boobs, and this kid came shoving past us saying "Let me thru!! I wanna smack their ass!!". It was at that point that I was like "nope. can't take it" and fortunately most of our group felt the same way. I guess I've outgrown that kind of thing.

Here are a few pics, as promised

Ben, me, Jessie, and Sam on the trolley

Ben and I - I love this picture

Jessie, Becky, me, and Jenny at Silky's

Jenny, me, and Jessie
We bought these "awesome" (ha!) sweatshirts cause we were soo cold!

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