Thursday, May 08, 2008

heavy heart

I don't have a whole lot to say right now - I've got a lot on my heart and my mind but I'm not sure I'm ready to release it all to the world right now. I did go over to a girlfriends house last night and visit with her, that was kind alike a mini-therapy session, so thanks girl!

For those of you who know me well, you know a bit of what my driving record looks like - and it's not good. haha. So for the last 2 years my New Years resolution has been "No Tickets, No Wrecks!" I made it all the way thru 2007 w/out a ticket or a wreck (phenomenal, I know!) but this year hasn't proved to be going as well. I got a ticket a few weeks ago, but in all honesty I had no idea I was speeding. I had gotten off on this exit from the interstate, which in all honesty I thought it was still the interstate, so I was just bee-bopping along at 65MPH, when a police officer ran out in front of my car and waived me over. They love to do that here, stand on the side of the road and clock ppl, then run out in the middle of all the cars and flag them over. Anyway, the cop proceeded to tell me that I was going 65 in a 50! He must have seen the sincere confusion on my face when I said "but I thought the speed limit was 65? when did it change?" because he just wrote it for 5MPH over. Pretty nice, huh? They actually do that quite a bit here (I know from past experiences). When it's 5 over, you can either pay the $25.00 fine (which does go on your record) or you can go to court and get it dismissed and it doesn't go on your record. I opted for the second option and went down to 201 Poplar for my court date this morning..... only to find out that I read the ticket wrong (apparently the May 08, 16 meant my court date is the 16th of may 2008.) and my court date is NEXT Thursday. I begged the guy to go and and just let me get it over with today, but he wasn't budging. *sigh* I can't really go next week because I start my training for my new job and I don't know that I can get out of it. The guy at the police station told me I could send someone in my place, so I might be REALLY sweet talking Ben to go for me.....

Well I'll try to write more later today if I end up in a better mood.

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becky said...

I'm glad they adjusted your ticket. I hate how they love to pull people over just to get money. Those speed traps suck! They sit outside my neighborhood all the time to trap speeders on Walnut Grove, esp at the end of the month.